The Middle Game Reset.

Why You Should Treat Your Middle Game Like a Fresh Start.

Tim Crossland-Page


Photo by Norbert Braun on Unsplash

I’ve been off my game recently. I had backlogs at work. My living situation wasn’t secure. I’ve still got financial issues as well, though I am working to resolve them.

Because I was tired I let a lot of the healthy activities go. I stopped meditating for a few weeks, because I wanted more sleep. I wasn’t motivated to exercise. And I lost the confidence to write.

In fact the last few weeks I lost confidence in myself. I lacked any drive or motivation, and if I’m honest let anxiety and depression start to get their claws into me.

Today I have a few hours before starting work. I didn’t get up early, but decided to get myself back on track.

This year was meant to be about building sustainable healthy habits that would create a stable environment so that I could better manage my bipolar.

It has worked better up to now. I no longer drink regularly, (have to keep an eye on that one though). I have also smoked less. (Though still not managed to properly quit).

I wrote previously about how I have no middle game. Early on I can keep an effort up for maybe a month. Maybe two or even three months. And when a goal is in sight of being achieved it spurs me on. But my…