I’ve Finally Quit The Twitter.

Cigarettes, Alcohol, and now Twitter. All in the dustbin this year.

Tim Crossland-Page


Photo by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash

I’ve finally shut down my twitter accounts. (Yeah, they multiplied by subject.) It shouldn’t be a big deal. I remember a time when I didn’t have to check my bloody feed every five seconds. I was, as I always am, late to the party.

I could do a rundown of why twitter is on the naughty list, though the reasons have been long rehearsed and re-hashed. For most of us, twitter is simply a tool of keeping up with massively polarised opinions on whatever the hell you want to throw into the search box. Or it could just be another forum for looking at cute animals.

Twitter was always a little more dangerous for me. The bipolar me seems to get very obsessed with it, and very focused in. It was always one of the tells I could rely on, when life stress was putting extra strain on my medication. I’d zero in on the twittersphere, or twitterverse, or whatever, and just feel my mind kicking up another notch in terms of acceleration and obsessiveness.

The real reason I’m quitting I suppose, is the same reason I quit cigarettes and alcohol. They aren’t really good for me. I can literally scroll twitter for hours, and my brain just feels fried afterwards. It’s kinda a selfish reason to quit. Ain’t it? It isn’t because of any great moral or political objection. I’ve come to this in a similar way I came to quitting porn. I knew it just felt off and unhealthy for me. I guess the way I use twitter is really as a means of information porn. I’m sure it has probably been said before by somebody else. We call this the information age, but it is really an age of information pornography.

It might not give a sexual buzz, but it does buzz all the same.

The information is always good to look at. It feels fresh, and exciting, and it feels essential. When information starts to trend it gets a buzz to it. But the info also fails to elicit a real meaningful relationship with life and lived experience. Would my life be better without it? We will see.

I’m giving up twitter, ultimately for the same reasons I’ve given up real porn, and alcohol, and nicotine (I’m off the patches, and lozenges now). I’m giving these things up because I fear that I…