An Exciting New Dawn.

Tim Crossland-Page
2 min readMay 24, 2022
Photo by Robert Murray on Unsplash

I’m back to 05:30 am starts. It is really the routine that I feel most comfortable with. I get everything extra I want to do with my day done, before starting the work day. I meditate, and then exercise. And then I try to write something.

I’m pretty pleased about getting back into this routine, because I dragged myself out of a hole. I’d got depressed which makes being motivated difficult. For now, I’m just intentionally switching my brain off, and allowing myself to become a slave to routine.

This is only my second day of this latest attempt to bump my health up to a new level. Perhaps this is how it will be for me, improvements in fits and starts. Nothing so obviously linear. Though I’ve kept up some form of focus through the year running through everything, it hasn’t been one long success story. It comes more in stops and starts. But I keep trying.

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in four days now. I cheated on Friday night, but didn’t have any to smoke on Saturday. I’m off the nicotine patch as well. This morning I woke up and got on with my meditation and didn’t think about a morning cigarette. I’m possibly finally making genuine progress.

I’m getting to be halfway through the year now, and it’s a big win that I haven’t given up on my aims of being healthier. Although I haven’t fully achieved my goal to quit drinking as of yet…